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Laboratório de Investimento Social
At the end of the day, it is all about connections.

It is no news how networking can have a powerful impact in value creation. People meet, experiences and learning are shared and opportunities arise.

Well aware of this, and in line with this city’s essence, next week San Francisco will host once again the largest annual impact investing conference in the world – SOCAP16and we will be there!

SOCAP is aimed at promoting the interaction of more than 2,500 practitioners from the impact investing community globally, from entrepreneurs to investors and service providers to academics.

It will be three full days of conferences, workshops, informal meetups and “elevator-pitch” style conversations, where participants will be exposed to an incredible amount of knowledge, experiences and ideas.

Content-wise, SOCAP’s focus will be around impact investing and impact measurement & evaluation, where innumerous sessions will take place. [Anticipating it, I can predict that the main challenge will be selecting which sessions to attend].

SOCAP will count on speakers such as Nick O’Donohoe, who also attended and spoke at the Global Social Impact Investment Steering Group event hosted at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation this year, in Lisbon. O’Donohoe, one of the founders of Big Society Capital, and its Executive Director for several years, is now a Senior Advisor at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Another name worth mentioning is Deval Patrick, current Managing Director at Bain Capital Double Impact, one of the largest impact investors in the world.

Get wow’ed by the list of speakers here.

From this week of knowledge-overload, some of our expectations are:

  • Meeting new projects and social interventions with whom we can learn and get inspired by;
  • Learning about impact investing best practices and lessons from the field;
  • Challenging our view on how the market may evolve, both international and nationally.

As a way of giving you all an opportunity to sense this experience, I will try to share with you some of the sessions’ key points and learnings acquired, through our Twitter and blog posts as much as possible.

Your interaction is always very welcome, so don’t be shy!

I hope I have triggered your curiosity about this event by now.

Let’s speak again next week then,

Rita Casimiro


Social Investment Lab


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